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Finally, a way to avoid costly parking tickets or an expensive tow due to street sweeping or snow emergencies.

Between confusing schedules, inconsistent street sweeping dates between blocks, and early tow-times, street sweeping can be a weekly struggle for many city drivers. And worse, when you forget to move your car during its street sweeping hours, you will get towed, a terribly costly mistake.

But those days are over. SWEEP:BOS will help you keep track of where your car is parked, your neighborhood's street sweeping schedule, and snow emergency routes so you can stop wasting time and money at the tow lot. Download Here

Features include:

  • Saving your vehicle's parked location
  • Conversion of days/times to actual Next Sweep Dates (i.e. 1st&3rd Tues to Tues, Oct 6th, 8AM-12PM)
  • Adding/editing streets, blocks and sweep day/times
  • Adding/removing neighborhoods
  • Snow Emergency streets & notification
  • Street sweeping color info(Green = 7 days out, Yellow = 3 days out, Red = 24 hours out)
  • Neighborhood information updated regularly and available for download

Boston area neighborhoods currently available (more on the way)

  • Allston/Brighton
  • Back Bay
  • Beacon Hill
  • Cambridge
  • Charlestown
  • Dorchester (north/south)
  • East Boston
  • Jamaica Plain/Roslindale
  • North End
  • Roxbury
  • Somerville
  • South Boston
  • South End

Accuracy of this data is not perfect and not guaranteed but it's the best of the available data (trust us). For discrepancies between SWEEP:BOS, and an actual posted street sign, then the street sign is always the one to follow. Please submit such errors so that we may fix them.