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Avoid that ugly not to mention unhealthy sunburn.

SPF calculates the amount of time you should be in the sun based on your skin type and your local UV Index. It uses your GPS location to dynamically choose your UV Index.

Know your "(sun)burn time"! By entering your sunblock protection factor (SPF) you can see the important difference of being in the sun with and without protection.

The app uses the phone's GPS to default your local UV Index. Then just select your skin type (see description below) and enter your sunblock's spf number.

Skin Types
Type I - Pale skin, freckles, blond or red hair, blue or green eyes

Type II - White skin, blond hair, blue or green eyes

Type III - White skin, usually dark hair and brown eyes

Type IV - Brown to dark skin, brown or black hair, brown eyes

Type V+ - Naturally black-brown skin, often has dark brown eyes and hair

The formulas in the calculator are based on information provided by the World Health Organization. If you are in doubt of your Skin Type always select the lighter one.