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Grab a lawn chair and a yellow bat. Pull out a cooler and turn on the baseball game or your favorite tunes. Then take some masking tape, an old lawn chair and your backyard. You’ve got the perfect venue for curving balls in and out and all around. It’s BuzzBall - the latest craze in pitching fun for the iPhone.

Curve the BuzzBall left to right, right to left, up to down and down to up. You can put crazy action on the BuzzBall so it floats all over before crossing the plate.

Adjust the ball so it dips and dives all over the place. Pick your direction and power. Then flick it sideways or forwards - or at any angle - toward the strike zone. Consecutive strikes activate a “throw through a hoop” difficulty level.

Play by yourself or against friends. See who can pitch the most strikes in a row.

Or play target-practice mode. Make the BuzzBall nail the bulls-eye with pinpoint accuracy. More points for hitting the center and maybe you’ll get yelled at for losing the ball over the fence or off the screen.

BuzzBall also features variable wind and a high-score feature.


-Toss BuzzBall for strikes against the lawn chair
-Get high score by taking on the bulls-eye
-Authentic sounds of the game
-Variable wind affects the curve of the ball
-Fun voices from neighbors